Date:  January 21, 2021

General Meeting Agenda

Call to Order      7:05          PM   By:   Kevin Gillian         Prayer by:  Stetson Corbitt                 Pledge by:    All

Attendance:  Members:      29.  Guest David Buck                                

Tonight’s Meal Prepared by: Team London – Pork Chops and fixin’s

Membership:  Current membership is 72.  Everyone needs to bring a friend or neighbor or business people you meet to a meeting and let them see what a good club we have.

You need to get your dues payments in. We are pursuing delinquent member’s dues. If a  member falls 2 quarters behind in dues, action will be taken.

Thank You’s:  From: 

NOTE: Financial Report – David Hewett  : Budget meeting.  Ops: \$34,347 Charity: \$19,583 Sec 4190: \$63,526; Bingo: \$22,428      Bank account total :\$139,884 ** For the Fiscal Year, Donated \$ 33,857          YTD with the newly revised amount of \$ 38,143 available for this fiscal year..

Donations since 1/7/21 – \$2,000 to Camp Sertoma

Hap Greenway reported that we have 13 campers lined up to go this year and physicals have been       arranged.

Club Golf Events

Rex Goble: Golf Tournaments upcoming?  NOTE: Rex Goble is making every effort to make sure everyone eligible gets a chance to play in club sponsored golf events.  No Events Currently

** New members should see Rex to get on his list for golfers to play in club sponsored golf outings.

CASINO NIGHTS:  Report by David Brunson  :  We have casino nights scheduled for: TBD  David Brunson to check on status of casino nights at Temple of Israel and Louisville


  • Some discussion about legality of Casino nights in SC if no monetary prizes given. Apparently, the answer is that it is legal in SC as long as there are NO PRIZES or MONEY awarded.
  • Valentines/Club Anniversary Party in February has been postponed due to COVID. Future date TBD



 SARGEANT AT ARMS –FINES Numerous \$1 fines given to members who were not wearing their badges or did not sign the attendance book.

 DRAWING Winners:  Rick Faulkner, Wes Summers

 Meeting Adjourned at                PM 

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