Attached are the minutes from the  January 21, 2021 North Augusta Sertoma club Board Meeting.  Please review them.  if you have comments or corrections, please contact Dennis Murphy.  If no comments or corrections, the minutes shall be approved as read here.

Regular meeting minutes are posted on the website and available for all to review

Board Meeting Minutes

Date: January 21, 2021

Call to order: Time    7:58        PM                           By:    Kevin Gillian               

Board In Attendance:      Faulkner, Gillian ,   Goble,     London,   Summers, Lott,   Brown, Corbitt, Murphy, Jones  Hewett , Smith,  Young, , McDowell, Madebach.  Absent: Ford ,

Secretary Report:

  1. Dues invoices have been sent out.    
  2.  Membership Update:  72 members.   
  3. Pursuing delinquent membership dues. Contacting members who are 2 quarters or more behind in dues. Dennis Murphy reported that he has contacted all members who are delinquent and that five more members are to be dropped.  Almost all the rest will be catching up on dues.
  4. Board recommended that we again look into paying dues with Credit Card (Pay Pal or ?) David Hewett to look into it. Waiting until banks are open again so that an account can be opened.

 Membership applications:   David Buck – Board approve


Bank Balances:                                       Donated This Meeting: ** \$5,000.00

Ops:                 \$ 34,347                   

Charity:            \$ 19,583                      

Sec 4190          \$ 63,526                      

Bingo:              \$ 22,428              

Total    \$  139,884                 Donations YTD:   \$ 33,857       .  Available for Fiscal Year \$ 38,143

Cost of tonight’s meal: \$ 198.00            Raffle \$ 0        net. \$10  Food sales \$   10


  1. Wounded Warriors – Not recommended
  2. Golden Harvest – Not Recommended
  3. **“Support 1” golf tournament – Sponsorship committee recommended \$2,500.00. After the motion, there was much discussion and the motion was amended to \$5,000.  The  motion was approved pending obtaining additional information from the Tournament organizers regarding exactly what we would be getting – no. of teams, advertisement, etc.

 Old  Business:

  • Kevin Gillian and John Morris looking into possible upgrading of A/C units at the Hut. Still working on getting quotes. Still pursuing additional quotes. Michael Ford has a meeting with Charles Williams to work out details. Stetson Corbitt will contact Michael Ford to see if there has been any progress Re: Public  Safety
  • 50th Anniversary Banquet. Postponed due to COVID  Larry Brown will coordinate this event.
  • Service to Mankind nomination and  submission to Sertoma Inc.  David Brunson working on it.

New Business:  

Meeting and Food Schedule (Food schedule is tentative and subject to change)

  • 1/21/21 – Team London
  • 2/4/21 – Team Brown
  • 2/18/21 – Team Brunson (Team Ford will be backup)
  • Some discussion about catering one of the meals – such as Main Street Barbeque.

Casino Night status:  David Brunson:

  1. Currently Scheduled events: Temple of Israel in Feb.2021

Membership Committee Report – David Brunson, Chairman:

  • Has a committee of he and Ken McDowell and Ned Maner.  They will meet and discuss plans for membership recruitment. Have not met yet, but will do so soon and report.

Activities for Balance of FY 2020/2021

  1. Adjournment :        8:35 PM    
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