Camp Sertoma provides a unique summer experience to 240 disadvantaged, or speech or hearing impaired children. Funded by South Carolina Sertomans, the camp is fully accredited, expertly staffed, character building, educational, and FUN!
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History & Purpose

On December 7, 1974, the Sertoma Clubs of South Carolina, in Joint Session at a meeting in Clemson, South Carolina, unanimously voted to adopt Camp Sertoma as their state-wide sponsorship.

They committed to raise $100,000.00 toward the construction of a sub camp to be located at the Clemson University Outdoor laboratory. The facilities would be owned, maintained and operated by Clemson University and its Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management. The Sertoma Clubs of South Carolina were to have access to the facilities on a scheduled basis. The fund-raising effort, in conjunction with our nation's 200th birthday, was appropriately named "Project 76".

On July 22, 1975 under the leadership of then State-Director Gene Brantley, Camp Sertoma of South Carolina was incorporated for the purpose of "Promoting Camp Sertoma, collecting charitable contributions for its use and benefit, disbursing said contributions as may be provided from time to time by the Board of Directors and establishing policy for use of the camp by the people of South Carolina."

Today the Camp provides opportunities for fun, skills development, and education for 240 children each summer. Boys and girls, ages 7 to 13, are divided into 5 cabins (8 campers and 2 counselors per cabin). There are 6 one week sessions. Some sessions are for disadvantaged children while others are for the hearing or speech impaired. These children are placed in an entirely new and exciting setting where they can enjoy the company of others in group activities or play and work alone or in small groups. Campers learn independence and responsibility while having fun. They are encouraged to do things for themselves. With the proper amount of skilled supervision they might learn to build a campfire, cook a simple meal, or build a raft. In addition to personal and housekeeping chores, the campers engage in such activities as nature hikes, archery, sailing, campfires, cookouts, fishing, boat rides, instructional swims, overnight camping trips, recreational games and skits, sports, singing, arts and crafts, and numerous other activities.

If the minds and bodies of our youth are to grow, they must have nourishment. We feel that Camp Sertoma can help in filling a portion of this need. The challenging experiences on an athletic field, in the woods or on the water stimulate the development of a child's inner strengths. They develop leadership, perseverance and the ability to understand, to love and to live with their fellow man. We want each child to leave with memories of this camp as one of the greatest experiences of their lives.

This is the purpose of CAMP SERTOMA!