History of the SERTOMA Club of North Augusta, SC

In 1971, a small group of men still young but too old to be Jaycees, decided they needed a new civic club. No existing civic club in the area seemed to be the “right fit”, for the energetic, fun loving and community-minded bunch. Several of these young men had heard of Sertoma and suggested they explore the possibility of chartering anew Sertoma Club for North Augusta. As you can imagine, their inquiries, relative to the formation of a new club, met immediate enthusiasm and encouragement from Regional and National Sertoma.

On December 3 1971, the club held its charter meeting with 47 members. That first meeting was at the North Augusta Country Club. They continued to meet there for over 35 years until an unfortunate fire destroyed the Clubhouse in 2007. Currently they meet in the North Augusta Public Safety Hut. Of the original 47 charter members, several are still members and active. The Club and its members have prospered over the years with currently over 120 members. Such membership places the Sertoma club of North Augusta in the top 5 in size of all Sertoma Clubs internationally. The Club is quite proud of its growth and status but is most proud, in true Sertoma tradition, of its ability over the last 40 years to make a very positive impact on the community.

The Club, with its most recent charitable contributions has reached a milestone that 40 years ago would have seemed an unrealistic goal. The Sertoma Club of North Augusta has been able to make actual contributions to the community in an amount, in excess of One Million ($1,000,000.00) Dollars. Sertoma International, Sertoma Foundation, Camp Sertoma at Clemson University, University Hospital of Augusta Speech and Hearing Center, The City of North Augusta Recreation Department, The Public Safety Department for the City of North Augusta, countless schools throughout the Georgia/South Carolina area, a multitude of individuals young and old, with health related and other vital needs, over 200 graduating Seniors with $1000.00 scholarships each, and many, others in their time of need, have benefited from the Sertoma Club of North Augusta.

The Sertoma Club of North Augusta has been instrumental in chartering six(6) clubs in South Carolina and Georgia. Tommy Horner, now deceased and one of the original charter members, served as International President in 1981-1982. Ray Morris, who was not a young man when he joined the club and is now in his golden years, has served the Club as Treasurer for as long as anyone can remember and has also served as an International Director. Regional governors and countless regional and national leadership positions have been filled by club members over the years. Although many of the early members remain very actively involved, the club has over the past few years concentrated not only in bringing new members but has tried to attract younger members. The focus has been on members of the age of those that originally chartered the club in 1971. Those efforts have been quite successful. The appeal of Sertoma remains very strong to a wide range of age groups.

The original goal of the group that chartered the Sertoma Club of North Augusta in 1971 was to provide a social outlet for its members while working to benefit the community. Members have never avoided hard work or commitment of time to the Club’s projects. They have certainly been able to enjoy the fellowship that the Club has generated through its meetings, golf outings, and other activities. But of most importance, the club has been able to continually meet its goal providing ongoing service to the community.

The Sertoma Club of North Augusta will strive to continue to grow and serve. If history is any indication of what’s in store in the future, they will also have a good time along the way.