Date:  October 15, 2020

General Meeting Minutes

Call to Order       7:05            PM   By:  Kevin Gillian           Prayer by:  Ken McDowell                 Pledge by:    All

Attendance:  Members:               35                            Guests:     2

Tonight’s Meal Prepared by: “Team Ilardi

Membership:  Current membership is 76.  Everyone needs to bring a friend or neighbor or business people you meet to a meeting and let them see what a good club we have.

You need to get your dues payments in. We are pursuing delinquent member’s dues. If a  member falls 2 quarters behind in dues, action will be taken.

Thank You’s:  From:  CMONA, American Legion, 1st Baptist Church of North Augusta, Family Promise of Augusta


NOTE: Financial Report – David Hewett  : Ops: \$34,616 Charity: \$19,578 Sec 4190: \$52,099; Bingo: \$20,423      Bank account total :\$126,626 ** For the Fiscal Year, Donated \$23,682            YTD with the newly revised amount of \$72,000  available for this fiscal year..

Club Golf Events:  Bert Yancy Tournament  Oct. 26  Rex Goble will be calling participants.


Rex Goble: Golf Tournaments upcoming?  NOTE: Rex Goble is making every effort to make sure everyone eligible gets a chance to play in club sponsored golf events.

** New members should see Rex to get on his list for golfers to play in club sponsored golf outings.

CASINO NIGHTS:  Report by David Brunson  :  We have casino nights scheduled for: TBD


  • University Hospital Speech and Hearing Department will be at our next meeting, Nov. 5th to give us a short presentation of what they are able to do with the money we give them.
  • Membership package presented to Philip Nash


  • Some discussion about legality of Casino nights in SC if no monetary prizes given. Michael Ford and  Chris Chavous to look into further.
  • “Discussion Of Probable Winners” of the Masters tournament will not be held in November. We are planning to have a big banquet in January.  Details available soon.


SARGEANT AT ARMS –FINES – All who did not sign in – D. Faulkner, Denny, John Mason, others


DRAWING Winners:  D. Faulkner, Dan Griffin


 Meeting Adjourned at        7:52           PM 

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