** Note: regular meeting minutes for Oct. 15, 2020 are posted on our club website and are available for review.


Board Meeting Minutes

Date:  October 15, 2020

Call to order: Time       8:00            PM                    By:              Kevin Gillian

Board In Attendance:      Corbitt,  Faulkner, Gillian ,   Goble,  McDowell ,    Hewett , London, Smith,    Murphy, , Summers, Lott, Jones .  Absent: Ford , Brown, Madebach,

Secretary Report:

  1. Dues invoices have been sent out.    
  2. Membership Update:  76 members.  Got two new members – Daniel Griffin and Philip Nash
  3. Pursuing delinquent membership dues. Contacting members who are 2 quarters or more behind in dues.
  4. Dennis Murphy reported all the members to be recently dropped from our roster. Board members reminded the Board that Roland Meyers asked to be placed on a “Temporary Absence”    Dennis Murphy stated that we do not have a “Temporary Absence”  allowance for members,  but that when Roland wishes to  rejoin, he may do so with an “Administrative Fee” to Sertoma Inc.

Membership applications:   None




Bank Balances:                                       Donated This Meeting: None

Ops:                 \$ 34,616                      

Charity:            \$ 19,578                      

Sec 4190          \$ 52.009                      

Bingo:              \$ 20,423              

Total    \$  126,626                 Donations YTD:   \$23,682        .  Available for Fiscal Year \$ 72,000

Cost of tonight’s meal: \$ 388            Raffle \$   45           net.  Food sales \$ 30


  • Wounded Warriors – not recommended to board



Old Business:

  • Kevin Gillian and John Morris looking into possible upgrading of A/C units at the Hut. Still working on getting quotes. Still pursuing additional quotes
  • “Discussion of possible winners of the Masters” – Venue – no event in November
  • David Hewett will assemble all old bank records and deliver to Niles Ellifson for shredding. Also will call Patrick Zier to see if he still has old Sertoma Club files and records
  • The Discussed the upcoming 50th Club Anniversary. Board passed a motion to change plans for a 50th Anniversary Banquet. We will have a Valentines Party in February of 2021.  The 50th anniversary banquet will be held later in 2021.
    • Kevin Gillian will contact Larry Brown to see if he is willing to coordinate party
  • Sertoman of the Year nomination and submission to Sertoma Inc. David Brunson reported that he is working on it.





New Business:  

  • University Hospital Speech and Hearing “Big Check” Presentation on October 9, 2020.  At 09:15.  No show.  They asked if they could attend our first meeting in NO
  • Kevin Gillian to contact Michael Ford regarding transfer of last year’s “Cup Raffle” money.




  Meeting and Food Schedule (Food schedule is tentative and subject to cha

  • 11/5/2020 Team Brown
  • 11/19/2020 Michal Ford ? Tentative – Kevin Gillian to confirm
  • NEED MORE COOKING TEAMS ON SCHEDULE. David Brunson volunteered to build another cooking team.

Casino Night status:  David Brunson:

  1. Currently Scheduled events: Temple of Israel in Feb.2021

Membership Committee Report – David Brunson, Chairman:

  • Has a committee of he and Ken McDowell and Ned Maner.  They will meet and discuss plans for membership recruitment. Have not met yet, but will do so soon and report next meeting.


Activities for Balance of FY 2020/2021




  1. Adjournment :      8:30       PM
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