“Revised” Board Meeting Minutes for August 3, 2017

On August 16, 2017, in News, by Sertoma Secretary

Having trouble getting the dollar sign to transpose from microsoft word to this word program.  This is the revised Board meeting minutes.  Hope it works this time.


Board Meeting Minutes

Date:   August 3, 2017

NOTE:  Due to the fact that the club secretary was not in attendance and no official minutes were taken, these minutes are an abbreviated summary of the board meeting.


Meeting  commenced at 8:05 PM

·        New Board members were welcomed

·        No Secretary report

·        Sergeant At Arms was asked to purge the badge box – remove old badges, etc.

·        Two new possible members – Ned Manor and Wes Fountain

·        Dennis Murphy is updating the email list

·        Semi-Annual Special Board meeting for budget is set for 8/9/17 at Hut

·        Wes Summers asked for donation to the Bert Yancy golf Tournament.  He asked that we step up to a more “Basic Level”, possibly a \$5,000 sponsorship

·        David Hewett stated that we need to spend or surplus income from the “Charity” Account

·        Cooking Teams:  Team Zier to cook on Big Pig Rig? Unknown, will follow up


o   Promise of ?? Golf Marathon – \$200.  Passed

o   Pat Carpentar (Cross Connection) – School Supploies \$1,000 – Passed

o   Donation to National Hearing Aid Project – Voted NO.  Decided to spend the money locally


Meeting adjourned at 8:35 PM


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