Special Board Meeting Minutes

Date:  September 2, 2020

Call to order: Time                           6:10       PM                     By:        Michael Ford                 

Board In Attendance:      Ford, Corbitt,  Faulkner, Gillian ,   Goble,   McDowell ,    Hewett , Smith, Summers,

   Absent: Lott, Jones, Brown, London, Murphy, Madebach

David Hewett presented the financials of the club for the past 12 months.

   The club revenue for this period was $ 76,077.  Expenditures were 63,244 (budgeted  70,000.00).  Our net increase in fund balance was 12,833.00.  This was an amazing result as the club lost 32 operating days of bingo due to the covid 19 shutdown.  Our estimated loss due to this shut down was 14,800.00.

   The club also applied for an was promised a grant from Sertoma, Inc. in the amount of 2,000.00 for loss of fundraising opportunities during the covid 19 shut down.

   The board voted to match the Sertoma, Inc. donation. This will be awarded to an organization to be determined in the future.

   Therefore, the board voted to add $ 2,000.00 to the community funds and then raise the total charity budget for the year to 72,000.00.  Hewett will make the required changes to our percentages and present them at a later date to the board.  The board will revisit the budget in December or January to adjust the budget based on income.


   Per the action at a prior board meeting, Michael Ford solicited an estimate from Chris Thatcher to upgrade the air conditioning system in the hut. Thatcher proposed to replace the existing split system, add a new split system with dual heads for the main area. This will provide 3 heads in the main area. He also proposed to shut off the ducts from the main air handler serving the main area and redirect this cooling to the kitchen. He also proposed to place a temperature-controlled exhaust fan in the ice machine room.  The price for this work will be 14,838.00

   The board decided to meet with Charles Williams to explore partial funding from the fireman’s fund and also receive permission to use other vendors. If other vendors are allowed, we will seek prices from others.


Old McDonald’s Fish Camp is not able to provide its facility for the probable winners dinner.  The covid 19 regulations will not allow for our large group. Michael Ford is going to look into using Ned’s building and what size group this building can accommodate.

Cost of the meal was 150.00

The meeting adjourned at 7:45 pm


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