Board Meeting Minutes

Date:  September 17, 2020

Call to order: Time                                       PM                        By:                                

Board In Attendance:      Corbitt,  Faulkner, Gillian ,   Goble,  McDowell ,    Hewett , London, Smith,    Brown, Murphy, Madebach.  Absent: Ford,  Lott, Summers, Jones,

Secretary Report:

  1. Dues invoices have been sent out.      Membership Update:  76 members.  
  2. Discussed what to do about overdue membership dues. Board passed a motion directing the Secretary to contact members who are in arrears and to notify them that they have two weeks to bring arrearages up to no less that two quarters behind or they will be dropped from the club.


Membership applications: 

Approved membership application for Philip Nash

 TREASURER REPORT:  See hard copy attached: **. None

Bank Balances:                                       Donated This Meeting:  TBD

Ops:                 \$ 33,846                      

Charity:            \$ 17,556                      

Sec 4190          \$ 46,627                       

Bingo:              \$ 19,421              Note: Donation to Bert Yancy Tourn \$5,000?                        

Total    \$  116,471                 Donations YTD:   \$  18,647.  Available for Fiscal Year \$53,353

Cost of tonight’s meal: \$  =311.53         ?       Raffle \$     30     net.  Food sales \$     


  1. Request from Wounded Warriors – Not recommended



Old Business:

Kevin Gillian and John Morris looking into possible upgrading of A/C units at the Hut. Still working on getting quotes.  Still pursuing additional quotes

“Discussion of possible winners of the Masters” – Venue?   Event will be held at Ned Maner’s place of business.  For members only

David Hewett to follow up with Hap Greenway about “baskets”. Still pending

David Hewett asked for help with sorting/filing/keeping old club documents.   Dennis Murphy and Jack London to assist.

David Hewett will assemble all old bank records and deliver to Niles Ellifson for shredding.  Also will call Patrick Zier to see if he still has old Sertoma Club files and records




New Business:   

  • The Club’s 50th Anniversary will occur in October. We have three charter members left: John Morris, Sammy Anderson and Dick Day. The sentiment is to have a special regular meeting to honor these three gentlemen.  We do not have a facility available to hold a larger gathering.  Kevin Gillian has responsibility
  • University Hospital Speech and Hearing has finally received our check for the donation from last fiscal year.  They are asking if we want to do a “Big Check” presentation or something like that.  Dennis Murphy to contact Laurie Ott.




  Meeting and Food Schedule (Food schedule is tentative and subject to cha

  • 10/01/2020 Team London
  • 10/15/2020 Team Ilardi
  • 11/5/2020 Team Brown

Note: The Ilardi Team wants to have one Big expanded Italian meal (mussels Board said it would be a good idea.

Casino Night status:  David Brunson:

  1. Currently Scheduled events:


Membership Committee Report – David Brunson, Chairman:

  • Some discussion about how to bring in new members. Board feels that someone should help David with this project.  Ken McDowell volunteered to contact David about assembling some sort of plan.  He will also ask Ned Maner to assist.  Dennis Murphy will contact Sertoma Inc. about Membership Drive assistance such as literature and plans.


  1. Activities for Balance of FY 2020/2021:




  1. Adjournment :      8:25                   PM
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