Below are the Board Meeting Minutes From September 3, 2020.  Regular meeting minutes are published on our website and are available to be reviewed.


Board Meeting Minutes

Date:  September 3, 2020

Call to order: Time                8:10                   PM                    By:                 Michael Ford       

Board In Attendance:      Ford,  Lott, Corbitt,  Faulkner, Gillian ,   Goble,  McDowell ,    Hewett , London, Smith, Summers,  Absent:  Jones, Brown, Murphy, Madebach

Secretary Report:

  1. Dues invoices have been sent out.      Membership Update:  76 members.  
  2. Dennis Murphy submitted  Life Membership for Rick Faulkner to Sertoma Inc. – Have not received
  3. What to do about overdue membership dues will be discussed further at the budget meeting on 9/2/2020??

Membership applications: 


 TREASURER REPORT:  See hard copy attached: **. None

Bank Balances:                                       Donated This Meeting:  TBD

Ops:                 \$ 30,557                       

Charity:            \$ 17,557                      

Sec 4190          \$ 50662                       

Bingo:              \$ 19,421                                      

Total    \$  118,217                 Donations YTD:   \$  13,647.00

Cost of tonight’s meal: \$      381.06   ?       Raffle \$     0        net.  Food sales \$  10.00 donated from petty cash to pay the cleanup crew.


Bert Yancey Tournament:  The prior board voted to fund this event prior to the covid 19 shut down. The board voted to confirm this prior vote and make a donation to the Bert Yancey Mental Health Foundation in the amount of $ 5,000.00.

Old Business:

Kevin Gillian and John Morris looking into possible upgrading of A/C units at the Hut. Still working on getting quotes.  Per the special board meeting, Michael Ford met with Charles Williams of the fireman’s fund. It is acceptable to use any contractor licensed in North Augusta to perform the work. The quote from Thatcher was 14,838.00.  A new quote was received by the vendors name not disclosed for 9,835.00. The club is expecting a quote from Cool Ray.  John Morris can purchase the equipment at cost but not warrantee will be available. The estimated cost of labor would be 1,500.00. This item was tabled for further discussion at the next board meeting.


   Old McDonalds Fish Camp is not available to host a meeting to discuss possible winners of the Masters.  Our member Ned has volunteered his business to hold this meeting. However, we would be limited to members only due to the social distancing requirements.  This decision was tabled for further discussion.

David Hewett to follow up with Hap Greenway about “baskets”. Still pending

David Hewett asked for help with sorting/filing/keeping old club documents.   Dennis Murphy and Jack London to assist.



Dennis Murphy to contact Niles Ellifson about digital copying and disposal of old documents

Dennis Murphy spoke to Niles – He will be glad to help.  We need to decide what we need to keep as a record.  We can make digital copies or they can file them for us (may be cheaper than making digital copies). They can shred any of our old records that we feel we need to dispose of.  Project in progress – Hewett has lead.



New Business:   The Club’s 50th Anniversary will occur in October. We have three charter members left:  John Morris, Sammy Anderson and Dick Day. The sentiment is to have a special regular meeting to honor these three gentlemen.  We do not have a facility available to hold a larger gathering.




  Meeting and Food Schedule (Food schedule is tentative and subject to cha

  • 09/03/2020 –“Pork Butt Cook off” – Ricci Jones and Al Kitchen to do “Cup Night” raffle.
  • 09/17/2020 Kevin Gillian

Note: The Ilardi Team wants to have one Big expanded Italian meal (mussels Board said it would be a good idea.

Casino Night status:  David Brunson:

  1. Currently Scheduled events:


Membership Committee Report – David Brunson, Chairman: (David is no longer on the board.  Do we need to appoint someone else?)


  1. Activities for Balance of FY 2020/2021:




  1. Adjournment :  8:45                       PM
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