Attached are the minutes from the August 6,2020 meeting:

Date:  Augusta 6, 2020

General Meeting Minutes

Call to Order     7:02      PM   By: Michael Ford      Prayer by:  Michael Ford                               Pledge by:    All

Attendance:  Members:       32                                  Guests:  Don Bartlemay

Tonight’s Meal Prepared by: Larry Brown

Membership:  Current membership is 78.  Everyone needs to bring a friend or neighbor or business people you meet to a meeting and let them see what a good club we have.

You need to get your dues payments in.  Mail to P.O. Box 6184, N. A., SC 29861 or give check to Dennis Murphy We are in the 1st quarter and invoices are being sent and payments are coming in.

Thank You’s:  From:  “Rec’ing Crew”,  “Support 1” (Golf Tournament).

NOTE: Financial Report – David Hewett  : Ops: \$31,553; Charity: \$17,572 Sec 4190: \$48,608; Bingo: \$18,443      Bank account total :\$116,176 ** For the Fiscal Year, Donated \$ 9,150       YTD with the newly revised amount of \$       TBD              available for this fiscal year..

Club Golf Events:  Support 1 Tourn. 9/14/2020, American Legion Tourn. 9/28/2020

Rex Goble: Golf Tournaments upcoming?  NOTE: Rex Goble is making every effort to make sure everyone eligible gets a chance to play in club sponsored golf events.

** New members should see Rex to get on his list for golfers to play in club sponsored golf outings.

CASINO NIGHTS:  Report by David Brunson  :  We have casino nights scheduled for: TBD


(Don Bartlemay is past President of Sertoma Inc. and past President of Hearing Charities of America)

COB: Michael Ford

President: Kevin Gillian

Pres.-Elect: Ken McDowell

Secretary: Dennis Murphy

Treasurer: David Hewett

Sgt. At Arms: Stetson Corbitt

VP’s: Rick Faulkner, Jack London, Larry Brown

Directors: Bob Young, Gene Lott, Wes Summers, Rex Goble, Ricci Jones, Henry Smith, Jim Madebach

NEW BUSINESS  :  Pres. Ford gave special “Thank You” and plaque to VP Rick Faulkner, VP Jack London and Tara Street.  “Life Membership to Sertoma was presented to VP Rick Faulkner.


  • SARGEANT AT ARMS –FINES – Murphy, London, Troutman, Smith, Goble, Jones


  • DRAWING Winners:    Doug Faulkner, Larry Brown . Meeting Adjourned at 08:15 PM 
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