These are the minutes from the August 20, 2020 North Augusta Sertoma Club Board Meeting.  Please review them.  If you have any questions or issues, please contact the Secretary Dennis Murphy.  If there are not questions, issues or corrections, the minutes will be “Approved as Read”


Board Meeting Minutes

Date:  August 20, 2020

Call to order: Time       8:00                       PM                         By:            Michael Ford

Board In Attendance:      Ford,  Lott, Corbitt,  Faulkner, Gillian ,   Goble,  Jones,  McDowell ,  Brown,   Hewett , London, Smith, Murphy,  Summers, Madebach   Absent:

Secretary Report:

  1. Dues invoices have been sent out.      Membership Update:  76 members.  
  2. Dennis Murphy submitted  Life Membership for Rick Faulkner to Sertoma Inc.
  3. What to do about overdue membership dues will be discussed further at the budget meeting on 9/2/2020
  4. Passed out copies of club Policy Statement. Some requested electronic copies

Membership applications:  None


 TREASURER REPORT:  See hard copy attached: **.

Bank Balances:                                       Donated Last Meeting:

Ops:                 \$ 31,225                        Scholarships : \$2,000                       Wounded Warriors: \$120

Charity:            \$ 18,443                        Fam. Promise of Augusta: \$300      1st Bapt Chrch, of NA :\$50

Sec 4190          \$ 51,962                        Foster Gparents Prog. : \$500           Sertoma Inc. \$200

Bingo:              \$ 17,572                                      Total Donated Last Meeting: \$3,170

Total    \$  119,232                 Donations YTD:   \$

Cost of tonight’s meal: \$         ?       Raffle \$             net.  Food sales \$


  1. Pat Carpenter of “Cross Connections” – \$800 for underprivileged children. Approved
  2. Golden Harvest Food Bank. Not recommended
  3. 1st Tee Boys and Girls club Golf Tournament – Not recommended
  4. Aiken Sertoma Club Camp Sertoma Golf tournament 10/19/2020 – one team, \$500 – Approved
  5. AJAG Junior golf tournament at Mt. Vintage 9/11/2020 – \$1250 – Not recommended
  6. Request for Bert Yancy Golf Tournament – Tabled for further review

Old Business:

Kevin Gillian and John Morris looking into possible upgrading of A/C units at the Hut. Still working on getting quotes.

David Hewett to follow up with Hap Greenway about “baskets”. Still pending


New Business:   

Semi-annual budget meeting scheduled for Sept. 2, 2020 at the Hut. Kevin Gillian to check on availability of Hut.

Dennis Murphy to send another reminder of the budget meeting.

.David Hewett asked for help with sorting/filing/keeping old club documents.   Dennis Murphy and Jack London to assist. Dennis Murphy to contact Niles Ellifson about digital copying and disposal of old documents.

  Meeting and Food Schedule (Food schedule is tentative and subject to change)



  • 8/20/2020 – Fred Ilardi team – spaghetti and meatballs
  • 09/03/2020 –“Pork Butt Cook off” – Ricci Jones and Al Kitchen to do “Cup Night” raffle.
  • 09/17/2020

Note: The Ilardi Team wants to have one Big expanded Italian meal (mussels Board said it would be a good idea.

Casino Night status:  David Brunson: (Is David still responsible for Casino nights?)

  1. Currently Scheduled events:


Membership Committee Report – David Brunson, Chairman: (David is no longer on the board.  Do we need to appoint someone else?)


  1. Activities for Balance of FY 2020/2021:




  1. Adjournment :  8:25                       PM
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