As some of you may know, Al Parrott was recently released from the hospital and is currently on hospice. Al’s birthday is upon us and we were wanting to do something special for him. We would like to hold a “birthday parade” in his honor, this Saturday, April 25th. We are asking all available members to meet at Sportsman Corner at 11:30am. Al lives off of Briggs Rd. close by. Feel free to decorate your vehicles or simply make a sign wishing him a Happy Birthday. We have arranged the surprise with his family and Al will be sitting outside in his wheelchair when we drive by. Unfortunately, we have been told he may not have much more time on this Earth and we want to send our love to him. If you can attend, please RSVP to David Brunson @ 803.349.5238 or Thank you everyone and God bless you!

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