Special Board Meeting Minutes July 25, 2018

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Special Board Meeting Agenda

Date:  July 25, 2018

Call to order: Time          5:55                    PM                        By:  Stetson Corbitt           

Board In Attendance:      Corbitt,  B. Cameron, Camryn Gillian ,     Summers,  Rex Goble, Jones, McDowell , K. Gillian, Brown,  Godwin,  Lott,  Ford, Hewett  Absent: Faulkner, London, Brunson,

Secretary Report:

1.         Dues invoices for the new fiscal year have been sent out.   Dues payments are coming in.  Dennis Murphy sent out registered letters to 4 members who had not paid.  After making adjustments for those who have dropped out, we have two members that have not paid and one delinquent with payment expected.

2.       Membership Update:  98members.  

Membership applications:  None


Bank Balances: 

Ops:                 \$ 27,251                                   Encumbrances:            Scholarships – \$7,000    

Charity:            \$ 20,623                                                                       University S&H – \$20,000

Sec 4190          \$ 28,292

Bingo:              \$ 28,427            

Total                            \$   104,593               

 Donations YTD:    \$ 100,512

Mid-Year Budget Discussion/Assessment

1.     The fiscal year’s projected budget to be set at \$88,000.00

2.     Annual budget percentages pf projected income: See below:


Pct. of total       est\$ amt.

Banquets:                     13.8                  \$12,144

Community                    27.0                  \23,760

Scholarships:                23.9                  \$21,000

Speech/Hearing:            30.0                  \26,400

Golf Outings:                 4.8                    \$4,224

Miscellaneous:              0.5                    \$472

                        Total    100                   \$88,000






Sponsorship: None



  Meeting and Food Schedule (Food schedule is tentative and subject to change)

·         8/02/18 – No Meeting due to Club attending Green Jackets game on 9/9/18

·         8/16/18 – Team London  – Cup Raffle

·         9/6/18 – Team Ilardi?

** Dennis Murphy to put out an email notification that there will be no meeting on 8/2/18.

 Old Business:

Green Jackets Game:

·         Club Secretary needs to put out an email notifying members of date, time, etc. and ask that they respond so that we can get a head count.  David Brunson needs to get all details to  Club Secretary

·         Ken McDowell stated that transportation will be available and that members can park in parking lot across the road from the hut

·         It remains to be clarified how members who are attending the game will get their tickets – at parking lot or “will call”?


New Business:

1.     Issue of delinquent dues was brought up and discussed at length.  Dennis Murphy pointed out that our Club Policy Statement spells out that a member will be notified of delinquency after 2 quarters and membership shall be terminated after 3 quarters. It was directed that:

a.     At a regular meeting, this Policy statement will be read to the members

b.     The club Secretary will provide to the Club Sergeant At Arms a list of members who are delinquent by two quarters or more.  The Sergeant At Arms will inform said members who attend a meeting that they are delinquent and will not be allowed to take part in the meeting until dues are paid.

c.     The Club Secretary will notify members who are delinquent by three quarters or more that their membership is terminated.

2.     The Board tasked Dennis Murphy/Brandon Cameron to see if our bylaws and policy statement can be put on our club website and made available to all members. Also, Dennis Murphy committed to make copies available to Board members who need them.

3.     It was suggested that the club could employ the use of credit cards by members to pay dues and other expenses. Michael Ford suggested that “Square App” might be the best one to use.  The Board directed that Michael Ford and/or Brandon Cameron should look into the acquisition an implementation of this feature for our club. It was also directed by the Board that members using the credit card charge application to pay dues will be charged an additional fee of \$2.00 to cover the cost of using the card.

4.     Sergeant At Arms stated that North Augusta Public Safety Dept. had some issues with how the Hut was found after our last meeting – cleanliness, failure to have an officer do post meeting inspection, etc. Sergeant At Arms stated that he was handling these issues.


1.       Adjournment  :                 8:30                   PM


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