Sertoma Meeting Minutes August 17, 2017

On August 24, 2017, in News, by Sertoma Secretary


Date:  August 17 , 2017

General Meeting Minutes

Call to Order   7:08        PM   By:  Stetson Corbitt          Prayer by:      Tom Willis         Pledge by:    All

Attendance:  Members:           55                            Guests:  6

Tonight’s Meal  Prepared by  :  Team Zier Menu: Tail Gate Food

*Regular Meeting and Meal Schedule 

·         8/17/17 – Team Zier – Tail Gate Menu for “Cup Night”

·         9/7/17 – Team Gillian

·         9/21/17 – Team Brunson

·         10/05/17 – Team London

·         *** Michael Ford volunteered to  form a new cooking team

·         ** We need more cooking teams.  Anyone interested? Fun & help club

Membership:  Current membership is 87.  We have 3 new membership application.  Everyone needs to bring a friend or neighbor or business people you meet to a meeting and let them see what a good club we have.

Thank You’s  :  From:  None

Financial Report :  David Hewett

Semi Annual Budget Meeting was conducted on  August 9, 2017.  Revenues are up which means our donations to the community are up. (described increased revenues and  how we budget percentages)

Club Golf Events: Rex Goble: Golf Tournaments upcoming?  Golf Outing in the Fall at Hickory Knob State Park. Would be Oct. 5-6 (T-F).   Club will cook a meal for Thursday.  THIS WILL BE THE REGULAR FIRST MEETING IN OCTOBER.  An email will be sent out to members re: dates and cost.

Club participation in golf tournaments – 10/2/17 – American Legion 10/9/17 – Bert Yancy

CASINO NIGHTS:  Report by James Gay  :  2 new contracts in December & February


Cup Night drawing – won by William Irwin – This years cups will represent UGA


  •         SARGEANT AT ARMS –FINES –     None


  •         DRAWING Winners:                  Noel Brown & Ray Morris                      


  •         Meeting Adjourned:      7:55               PM       

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